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MDMEDICINE is also involved in healthcare management and medical education and training. MDMEDICINE, and to achieve its mission,  is at the forefront of innovation, applying the very latest in methods and technology to address the needs of communities and individuals.

The Learning Center at MDMEDICINE has been specifically set up because of the lack of quality healthcare educational programs specifically tailored to the needs of the busy healthcare employee interested in pursuing his career or updating his/her knowledge and skills in the field of medicine or healthcare management.

The Learning Center at MDMEDICINE aims to bring the best of education to its enrollees. This is accomplished by combining the professional expertise of many well-known experts and educators and the very latest methods and models in education. The mission of the Learning Center at MDMEDICINE is to provide a top-class education by either classroom, wet-labs or online teaching

MDMEDICINE delivers the relevant educational programs via the latest technology. The training programs allow trainees to gain knowledge, and skills, in a specialized area and perform original research under the supervision of a network member.

The diverse network’s background answers all the requirements of a successful training program by being: learner-centered, assessment-centered, curriculum-centered and community-centered.


MDMEDICINE offers its clients the following:

  • On the job training
  • Regular conventional class room training
  • Continuous professional development courses (CPD) in the different specialties and sub-specialties of medicine
  • E-Learning and Web tutoring
  • Skills training by experienced medical professionals

The purpose of these programs is to allow specialists to add new learning to their current knowledge base and select relevant information and techniques, thus integrating them into their current practices.

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