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Best and the Worst Stocks in Health Sector

According to stock market performance of healthcare sector on 16th October 2019 the five best
performers are Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACHN), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical
company gaining 72.04% with its stock trading at $6.28; Viveve Medical, a technology company
focusing on women’s health showing a rise of 39.47% in its stocks trading at $5.30; Assembly
Biosciences Inc. (ASMB) showing 36.72% increase in its stock with trading value of $12.72.
Ocugen Inc. (OCGN) and Derm Tech Inc (DMTK) manifested 35.29% and 29.21% rise in their
shares, respectively. Healthcare companies showing weak performance are Titan Medical Inc;
Entera Bio Ltd; ViewRay Inc.; Abeona Therapeutics Inc.; and Zealand Pharma A/S.

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