MDMEDICINE prioritizes financing medical care to addresses concerns about healthcare affordability. Various countries have adopted different systems for healthcare financing. Some rely on public funding through the ministry of finance, while others implement an employee-employer partnership for a national insurance scheme. Some countries have minimal public funding and predominantly rely on private insurance schemes. To achieve its vision of establishing a global network of healthcare providers.

MDMEDICINE operates as an ethical partnership involving:

  • Patients who receive continuous, standardized, evidence-based, preventive, and curative healthcare services
  • Health care providers who receive patient load and financial returns based on community affordability
  • Who receive monetary returns within standardized parameters.
Healthcare Sector


Our vision is to become the leading global network that offers an evidence-based, high-quality medical care system to patients worldwide. We strive to provide this system at an affordable fee, and respecting the unique cultural, economic, and legal structures of each country we operate in.


MDMEDICINE aims to offer evidence-based, standardized, and affordable medical care to individuals and communities. The organization is committed to promoting the culture of patient centric, provider accessibility & sound financial growth to its investors. These are considered the 3 main pillars of MDMEDICINE & its compass to achieving its vision. Using latest agile processes & technologies.

core values


Ensuring that every human being can access quality medical care at a price they can afford translated into the following core values:

Patient Wellness: prioritizes patient well-being above all else.

Mutual Respect: values respect for patients & providers, acknowledging their worth & opinions.

Standardized Quality Care: delivers standardized, evidence-based, & cost-effective medical care.

Collaborative Provider Network: fosters collaboration among providers to achieve patient care & organizational objectives.

Community Affordability: ensures healthcare services are affordable for the community.

Financial growth: maintains financial returns within country-specific standards, ensuring sustainability & growth.