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To be the prime global network providing an evidence-based, quality medical care system to patients at an affordable fee and respecting the cultural, economic, and legal structure of every country.


Financing medical care is the priority of MDMEDICINE and a concern for individuals. Different countries applied different systems for the financing of healthcare services. Some countries elected public funding through the ministry of finance, others resorted to an employee-employer partnership for a national insurance scheme, and still, others went all the way to minimal public funding and mostly private insurance schemes.

To achieve its vision of establishing a system of evidence-based, standardized quality medical care to individuals at a fee affordable to the individual and the community., MDMEDICINE is committed to structuring a global network of healthcare providers committed to achieving the vision of MDMEDICINE, and promoting the culture of MDMEDICINE in respect to the right of every human being of receiving quality medical care at a price he/she could afford.

MDMEDICINE is an ethical partnership between the investors, the providers, and the patients. The return on the investment for the investors is monetary, within the standardized return, for the providers, patient load with a financial return based on the community affordability, for the patient, a continuum, standardized, evidence-based, preventive and curative healthcare services.

core values


The patient wellness is MDMEDICINE’s priority.

The patient-provider mutual respect, valuing diversity, and recognizing the innate worth and the opinion of each other is a must. The quality of medical care is to be standardized, documented, cost-effective, and based on evidence-based medicine. The provider’s network is a team collaborating to achieve MDMEDICINE’s objectives to patient care and the company’s sustainability. The community’s financial affordability for healthcare service is a cornerstone.

The financial return for the provider, on the services provided and for the investor on the financial investment should be within the country-specific standards. This will ensure project and company sustainability and growth.

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