Connecting the World of Medicine.

Connecting the world of medicine.

MDMEDICINE is a global network of physicians dedicated to providing patient-centered, physician-dedicated, quality-standard, cost-effective medical care to patients in a structured system to ensure the best possible medical outcome..

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World of Medicine.
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Specialised Service

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24/7 Advanced Care


Short Story About MDMEDICINE.

MDMEDICINE is a universal network of medical professionals dedicated to providing quality preventive and curative medical care to individuals and communities at an affordable fee. MDMEDICINE as an MVNO (Medical Virtual Network Operator) is the gateway for medical professionals to improve their market share through specified marketing techniques and collaboration with other network members.


For the Physician

  • Identifying yourself as a member of a global network of physicians.
  • Interacting professionally and socially with colleagues.
  • Updating professional knowledge through courses, journals, and webinars.
  • Increasing patient load through the online appointment system.
  • Consulting on complicated cases with colleagues from around the globe.
  • Getting job offers on full-time, part-time, locum, or visiting physician from different countries worldwide.
  • Benefiting from special discounted services for MDMEDICINE physicians only.
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For the Patient

  • Accessing patient-centered, physician-dedicated, quality-standard, cost-effective medical care system.
  • Coordinating medical care needs by a primary care physician assigned to you and your family.
  • Paying co-payments only for medical consultations, procedures, and online consultations. (Co-payment rates vary among countries and providers).
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