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Unified Multi-Country Program

Loyalty Program

$120 00 /yr
? Fifty percent discount on the published rate with MDMEDICINE network providers
Electronic Health Record
? Accessible globally. Patient centered and owned
Conditions and Exclusions:
? No age limit, No exclusion for preexisting conditions. Insurance policies do not apply
Program Details:
MDMEDICINE Loyalty Program is a comprehensive solution to provide quality healthcare services at affordable costs in an internationally expanding network of healthcare providers. The MDMEDICINE Loyalty Program offers a one-card solution that includes discounted rates on healthcare services by an internationally expanding network of healthcare providers and a comprehensive, patient-owned, globally accessed electronic health record (EHR). Discounts include:
  • Outpatient (Clinic) consultations.
  • Outpatient laboratory procedures.
  • Outpatient Imaging Procedures.
  • Outpatient noninvasive procedures.
  • Inpatient hospital daily room rate.
  • Inpatient laboratory procedures.
  • Inpatient imaging procedures.
  • Inpatient surgical professional fees.
  • Operating and recovery room charges.
  • Other Services.
Using the MDMEDICINE Loyalty Program Card is simple. Present the MDMEDICINE Loyalty card to any participating healthcare provider or facility, and instantly, discounted rates on a wide range of medical services will apply. The provider’s access to the EHR is easy. After logging into the MDMEDICINE site and entering the MDMEDICINE health card number, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to the patient’s mobile phone number. The patient will share the OTP number with the healthcare provider to check the patient’s EHR, provide the necessary medical care, enter the information into the EHR, and close the file. The file closes automatically after 15 minutes of logging in. Take control of your healthcare and your healthcare expenses. With comprehensive coverage, easy access to discounted services, and a patient-owned, globally accessed Electronic Health Record (EHR), the MDMEDICINE Loyalty Program is the ultimate solution for affordable, quality healthcare. Join MDMEDICINE today and experience the difference.