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Who can best care for the chronic pain patient?

Chronic pain management cannot lend itself to the usual facts and research that back up most discussions about chronic pain. A significant problem with chronic pain is the lack of directed care. Few diseases, like chronic pain, do not have a devoted speciality and many practitioners claim to be the specialists in treating chronic pain.… Read More »

Headache and its management

Headache is a widespread health condition that attacks adults several times in their lifetime. Pain could be throbbing, sharp, constant, or dull. The most common types of headaches are: ● Sinus headache ● Migraine headache ● Cluster headache ● Tension headache Sinus headache Presents with deep and constant pain around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead… Read More »

Tips to Avoid Heat Illness Amid Record U.S. Heatwave

Hundreds of Americans have died of heat-related illnesses in the latest country-wide heat wave, and this week’s forecast also brings temperatures back into the triple digits for millions. At thermometers rise to historic levels, many are at risk, from young children attending camps to the elderly seeking shelter from the heat. Heat-related illnesses can mean heat exhaustion or heatstroke,… Read More »

Best and the Worst Stocks in Health Sector

According to stock market performance of healthcare sector on 16th October 2019 the five best performers are Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACHN), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company gaining 72.04% with its stock trading at $6.28; Viveve Medical, a technology company focusing on women’s health showing a rise of 39.47% in its stocks trading at $5.30; Assembly Biosciences… Read More »

Brain Tumors (Brain Cancers)

General: Brain tumors: Originate from neural elements inside the brain Stem from metastatic cancer to brain. Most brain cancers are metastatic. Many types of brain cancer: Most common: Gliomas, Pituitary adenomas, Meningiomas, and Acoustic neuromas. Can be supratentorial (above the tentorium) or infratentorial (below the tentorium). Invade other tissues in the brain that are healthy.… Read More »

Bladder Cancer (Ca of bladder)

General Common and recurrent type of cancer Mainly affects the transitional (urothelial cells) in the lining of the bladder. Accounts for 90% of all bladder cancers. Transitional cell cancer (TCC) can originate anywhere in the renal pelvis, urethra, bladder, or ureter but is mainly seen in the bladder Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell cancer account for… Read More »

Uterine Prolapse

Uterine prolapse: is a condition mostly of women past or nearly past childbearing age in which the suspending uterine ligaments have stretched and the perineal muscles have weakened so that the uterus falls through the vagina and sometimes reaches the outside. Stages of uterine prolapse: Range: mild sagging of the uterus made worse by coughing… Read More »
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